Growing Reach Facilitators through the Jim Stynes Foundation.

About Reach

The Reach Foundation is a youth preventative mental health not-for-profit founded by Jim Stynes and Paul Currie.

At Reach we believe in the power and potential of all young people. We train young facilitators aged 15-25 to go out into schools, communities and businesses to deliver world-class, group mental health workshops. Our trained facilitators create brave spaces and ask the right questions to help young people feel comfortable in their own skin. These youth-designed and delivered workshops help give young people the skills to navigate life’s challenges and thrive.

We’ve been helping develop this emotional intelligence and stronger mental health in young people for nearly 30 years. Since 1994, we have helped more than 1 million young people unlock their own power.

With your help, we can continue Jim’s legacy and impact the lives of more young people than ever.

How your donation will make an impact.

Reach’s unique mental health workshops are 100% designed and led by young people, who we call our ‘crew’. This peer-to-peer model works because our facilitators are armed with the kind of insight only a young person can grasp.

Just one of our young trained facilitators can reach up to 5,000 young people every year through Reach’s programs. That’s 5,000 more young people being given the opportunity to strengthen their mental health and discover their own power – from one full-time facilitator alone.

Jim Stynes Foundation is supporting Reach to employ more trained facilitators. With every new facilitator unlocking another 5,000 opportunities for young Australians, together we will truly be shaping a generation to thrive.